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Everbridge Public Warning

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Everbridgen vaaratiedotejärjestelmä (Everbridge Public Warning) on integroitu sovellusalusta kaksisuuntaiseen viestintään väestön kanssa ennen poikkeustilanteita, niiden aikana, ja niiden jälkeen. Tällainen poikkeustilanne voi olla esimerkiksi globaali koronaviruspandemia, luonnonmullistus tai ihmisen aiheuttama katastrofi.

Everbridgen ratkaisussa yhdistetään paikannustieto monikanavaiseen viestintäjärjestelmään mahdollistaen eri viranomaisten tehokkaan yhteistyön väestön suojelemiseksi kunnes tilanne normalisoituu.

Everbridge on toteuttanut 18-vuoden ajan vaaratiedotejärjestelmiä kansallisella, kunnallisella ja kaupunkitasolla. Yli 3700 viranomaisorganisaatiota 13 maassa ja 66 maakunnassa luottaa järjestelmiimme. Vuonna 2019 lähetettiin yli 3,5 miljardia viestiä jotka saavuttivat 550 miljoonaa ihmistä globaalisti.

Everbridge Public Warning has been trusted and deployed by more national governments across the world than any other solution, including by Sweden, Singapore, the Netherlands, Iceland, Greece, Cambodia, and the coastal states in India.

The Highest Reach … In People’s Native Language

Everbridge Public Warning takes advantage of the capabilities native to almost all cell phones and does not require any manual configuration by users or download of applications. It therefore has been documented to reach 90+% of populations in a target geography, versus 50% or less for alternative approaches such as cell broadcast or mobile apps.

Everbridge Public Warning can automatically detect the nationality of a person’s SIM card and then send messages in the appropriate language to improve the effectiveness of communication to visitors and international travelers. When a population at risk needs to be alerted, Everbridge Public Warning is the most reliable way to reach the most people.

Two-Way Communication

Everbridge Public Warning allows you to seamlessly engage in 2-way communication with people to check on whether they are safe and to receive requests for assistance. People can simply respond to SMS messages or polls that you send. This level of engagement makes for a far more robust system for protecting people. The simple and unobtrusive nature of SMS technology, which has a sense of familiarity and reassurance for people can avoid panic during evacuations and other similar situations.

Amplifying Situation Awareness

Everbridge Public Warning delivers not just alerting but also insight into population movements. You can see the total number of SIM cards in an area, and by extension the number of people, without any personally identifiable information, connected to a cell power at a specific time and whether they are still there at a later time. This information is available in the system before sending an alert.

By having visibility to the number of people in an area, you can make estimates of crowd sizes for planning purposes and deployment of emergency personnel. This feature also enables you to confirm, for example, whether you have successfully evacuated an area. You can also watch the movement flow of people over time to plan out resources needed along different routes as an event unfolds, or to plan for a future one.

Also, using the location-based group alerting feature, emergency management personnel present in a particular location can be identified and deployed effectively, based on their current location.

… One of the biggest storms in years was bearing down on Odisha … cyclone Fani slammed into Odisha on Friday morning with the force of a major hurricane, packing 120 mile per hour winds … as of early Saturday, only a few deaths had been reported, in what appeared to be an early-warning success story … moved a million people to safety really fast … this is so different from 20 years ago, when a fearsome cyclone blasted into this same area, killing thousands.

--How Do You Save a Million People From a Cyclone? Ask a Poor State in India, New York Times, May 3, 2019. Odisha uses Everbridge Population Warning.

Multi-Channel, Multi-Agency Alerting


Everbridge Public Warning includes full analytics and reporting so you can measure how many messages were sent in what modalities, deliverability rates, and notification confirmations. You can repeat messages or use different modalities to ensure you reach people.

Proven Scalability with Global Support

Everbridge Public Warning offers proven reliability and scale, having served populations from a few thousand to many tens of millions. It is backed by the worldwide platform and resources of Everbridge, Inc., the industry’s only publicly traded (EVBG) company. The Everbridge platform was used to send 3 billion messages in 2018, and the company has more than 800 people across the globe. Everbridge’s R&D department is larger than most companies’ total staff in the critical event management market.