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Higher Education

Creating a Safe Experience for Students and Faculty

Illustration of a college campus listing use cases for campus-wide emergency alertsEstablishing a campus environment that is both open and safe for students and faculty and encourages community collaboration is a complex challenge. It can be difficult to know who is on campus and where they are at any given time. This information is vital during critical events to ensure the correct information is communicated quickly, easily and reliably to anyone impacted.  Campus-wide alerts about emergency situations, school closings and campus events keep the community informed while empowering students to become partners in their own security, whether they are on campus or off, or even studying overseas.


CAMPUS CRITICAL EVENT MANAGEMENT           Campus Safety During Critical Events

UCLA Campus Safety

“Everbridge’s proven platform is a crucial piece of our security strategy aimed at ensuring the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors at all times.”

– Art Kirkland, Director, Office of Emergency Management

College students visiting outdoor information booths on a UCLA campus
Aerial view of the Rhode Island Institute of Technology campus

Keeping RIT Safe

“Notifications can be sent when administrators are not at their desks (which is often). It’s easy for them to log in and send a message because the templates are available and all of the settings are default.”

– Lynn B. Daley, M.Sc., CEM®, Director of Business Continuity